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Erin Tobey is a multimedia artist and musician living in Bloomington, Indiana. Born in 1981 in Lansing, Michigan, she has been performing music since 1999 and making art for much longer than that. Recently she's been working mostly with design and illustration, but is also a printmaker, seamstress, cartoonist, quilter, weaver, and set designer. She graduated with highest distinction from Indiana University with a BA in Studio Art in Spring of 2010. She currently works as the graphic designer for the Monroe County Public Library.

2014 KINSEY INSTITUTE JURIED ART SHOW, Grunwald Gallery of Art, Bloomington, IN (Spring 2014); RETROSPECTIVE Solo Show, Rainbow Bakery, Bloomington, IN (Fall 2013); PLAN-IT-X FEST Group Show, The Owlery, Bloomington, IN (Summer 2012); MOVING MOMENTS Solo Show, Gallery5, Richmond, VA (Winter 2012); VOCALOCOMOTION Solo Show, The Owlery, Bloomington, IN (Summer 2011); SELF-TITLED Group Show, Gallery5, Richmond, VA (Fall 2010); HERE IT IS #4 Solo Show, Green Artery, Bloomington, IN (Spring 2010); THE BLOOMINGTON ARCHIVE & MUSEUM Group Show, Sweet Hickory, Bloomington, IN (Spring 2009); HELLO MERMAID Solo Show, Boxcar Books, Bloomington, IN (Fall 2004)

Brenda's Friend
Full Sun
Sitcom Theatre

Fat Shadow (2010-12)
Pink Razors (2007-09)
Mt. Gigantic (2004-06)
Abe Froman (1999-04)
Houseplant Records

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